Protecting our assets, information, and critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

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As a mission-driven private equity platform, we strive to protect our national assets, corporate assets, personal assets, personally identifiable information and critical infrastructure from cyber threats. Consumers and the mobile workforce demand greater connectivity, which not only drives the proliferation of mobile devices, cloud computing, BYOD and the IoT, but also expands our attack surface at an increasing rate. In addition to these threat vectors, everything from legacy SCADA systems to the most sophisticated financial networks are being compromised by script-kiddies, hacktavists, crime syndicates, terrorists and state actors for political, economic, diplomatic and military gain. As the attackers evolve and become more sophisticated and effective so must we.

Through an active investment strategy, bringing our capital, connections and business acumen, we help cyber security companies and management teams grow and better serve this mission.

About Us

Three Kings Capital invests exclusively in established cyber security companies.

We are a family-office backed private equity platform so we do not have a fundraising cycle that requires timely liquidity events; we can be opportunistic about exits.

We invest between $1 million and $10 million in information security companies that generate at least $5 million of revenue from a diversified customer base. We invest in both product and service companies with government or commercial customers. We are focused primarily within CONUS but will consider overseas investments.

We are mission driven. While capital appreciation provides sustainability needed to pursue our mission, our primary goal is to help protect critical infrastructure, national assets, corporate asset, personal assets and personally identifiable information from cyber threats.

We are not passive investors. We take board seats or advisor roles to actively help grow the companies in which we invest. Our executives and advisors have Intelligence, Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Consulting, Investing and Management pedigrees second to none.

Investment Criteria

Investment Size:
$1 million to $10 million

Typical Investment Structure:
Preferred Equity

Exclusive Sector Focus:
Information Security Products or Services

Regional Focus:
Primarily US-based Businesses
Canada, Western Europe and Singapore

Financial Criteria:
Cash Flow Positive or Approaching Break-even
$5 million Minimum Revenue

Customer Base:
Well Diversified
Public or Private Sector


Bill Ryckman
With a computer science background and a quarter century of experience analyzing, advising and investing in companies in the Aerospace and Defense industry, Mr. Ryckman decided in 2013 to dedicate himself to serving the cyber security mission exclusively.

Board of Advisors

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Jonathan Ryckman

Senior Management Executive
Multiple Private Equity Backed Companies

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CRO, Ex-Booz Allen, Ex-NSA

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Justine Bone


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Dan Wachtler


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Dan Guido


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Aric Perminter

CEO, Ex-Army

Lt. Gold


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Greg Virgin


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Rob Eggebrecht


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